Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Jobs Master List

These are links to job sites for animation and video games. I will notate the updates I make below. If you find a link is broken before I do, please email me. Thanks, and good luck in your job search.

5/1/13 Please Note: Several companies are also posting their jobs on twitter. For example, Viacom's feed covers all of their divisions, including Nickelodeon. 

2-psop forums
Entertainment careers
Warner Bros
The Hub
Linkedin (must have linkedin account)
Sony   (8/13/13 Moved Careers link to bottom of page) 
Naked Sky
Rough Draft
Game Jobs
Mary Margaret
2K Games

2013 Updates

9/30 Added 2K direct link

9/28 Changed the EA link, goes directly to job board.

7/24 Added Blizzard direct link

Removed Lucas Arts, since they are alas, no more. Disney will be pulling all of the video game publishing rights on a licensing track, and they have laid everyone off. So sorry to those who lost their jobs.

2012 Updates:

EDITED 11/8 Removed the studios that no longer have production/admin jobs in So Cal. Please note that if a site (like Entertainment Careers) has a job listed, and wants you to pay for membership, you can copy and paste some of the text from the ad into google with quotes, and chances are you will be able to find the company website, or the listing on a free site. Just a heads up!

EDITED 9/18 Link to Nick page broken. Relinked. Insomniac not coming up. Removed until page re-established.
EDITED 7/7 Nickelodeon Jobs were moved by viacom to their own page. Updated the link.
EDITED 6/4 Found a new site called Mary Margaret. Added it to this list.

EDITED 4/16 I have not been able to access the forum at for a couple of weeks now, so I have taken it off the list.

EDITED 2-12 I have removed Simply Hired, since I found a job I applied for at producers site re-listed here today. The job has since been filled, so this site is recycling listings.

These are not ALL of the job sites that I use, but this should be enough to get you started wherever you are. As you can see, I have a huge list I go through, so I try to break them up and do a third of them every day, unless I see that one site is cycling faster than the others, and then I go there daily.

Make sure you understand what you are applying for. Check to see if it's full time, part time or freelance. Some of these listings are not for California, but might have remote freelance available.

Some job sites will recycle jobs from other sites that are old or expired. I have tried NOT to include any of those in the above, but job sites change all the time, so be aware. You will wind up seeing the same job posted on different sites, so try to only submit for the same job once, through the employer website if possible.

Best of luck to all of you, and I hope you find work. Remember, nothing is going to happen overnight, and finding a job is hard work. You have to keep at it, and don't get discouraged.